Sales prices for new vehicles are everywhere the same as the VAT has been increased to a similar level within the European Union. And today everything is registered.

Until the end of 2016, it was possible to register a simple vehicle of golf cart type and there was a large number of offers. With the new regulation, all these new golf carts will not be allowed on public roads as a result of the new European Decree 168/2013 of the European Parliament.

Following this, a completely different type of vehicle complying with all the European requirements has appeared.

Second-hand golf carts with the appropriate documents are thus difficult to find and expensive due to the small number of such vehicles driving on public roads. Prices range from EUR 11,500 to EUR 20,000 depending on the type and version.

A lot of people advertise for new or second-hand cars, but getting the appropriate documents is in most cases an issue.

Today, many brands sold are manufactured in China. The problem of those vehicles is their quality (electric range of the vehicle, a large number of parts is imitated, which is not a good for the vehicle).

Nobody wants to have a breakdown after a ride on public road or pay for extra maintenance costs. It is therefore necessary to be fully informed before buying.