Electric golf cart on public roads

Currently, there is much to do about electric golf carts on public roads. Through this website, we want to provide practical and up-to-date information about buying a golf cart without any strings attached.

95% of all electric golf carts in Europe are currently also being used amongst other locations on public roads and are usually driven around urban areas. But who are the users of these electric vehicles, also known as Golf carts, Fluisterkar, Carrito de Golf used for driving on the street?


– Municipal gardeners, environmental officials
– Schools for carpooling
– Event agencies
– Parking organizations Park Drive
– Commuters
– Retirement homes, institutions
– The industry
– Real estate offices
– Senior citizens
– Tourism industry


The list above clearly shows that the time of golf carts only being used in seaside resorts is over. Furthermore, several European countries have seen a rapid upsurge of golf carts inland as well. Also, many people with a second home nowadays have a registered golf cart as a means of transport. Currently there are 5 Concept Shops in Europe that are specialized in these golf carts/LSV vehicles, where the consumer can test and see the product there and then.