Buying a golf cart

Are you considering buying a golf cart? Then, you are in the right place for more information about golf carts, golf cars & golf buggies (In Spain, they are called “Carrito de Golf”).

Street legal golf carts

On this website, we will certainly deal with the question of whether you can drive a golf cart on public roads. Furthermore you will come across reference to Invest-mobile bvba; a certified processor/retailer of golf carts, parts, accessories and this all in-house. All electric golf carts, and Low Speed ​​Vehicle (LSV) must have car registration papers for public roads, which must be present when driving the vehicle on the road, and issued with an official registration by the competent authority of the country where the vehicle is being driven. So, each vehicle (including electric golf carts) must be identifiable when driven on public roads. Never buy a golf cart without proper vehicle documents.


Nowadays, golf carts and Low Speed ​​Vehicles for public roads are electrically driven which also makes them attractive for business and commercial use. Companies that buy an electric golf cart will pay hardly any duties for their use on public roads: as it happens, several European governments have abolished the single registration tax and annual road tax for these environmentally friendly cars.


As a private individual, you can count on various tax incentives when purchasing an electric golf cart. All the governments want to speed up the launch of electric vehicles with several new tax benefits. Therefore, these cars are exempt from the road tax for private individuals.

Environmentally friendly

The electric golf carts are economical and therefore emit no CO2. As a result, they are road tax free for use on public roads because of the positive environmental aspect that they bring with them. Moreover, as golf carts are electric, they are also completely silent. The numerous models, accessories and options make the golf cart suitable as a multifunctional vehicle that can be used for transporting people and/or goods. The golf cart: an environmentally friendly and functional solution for pleasure or business